Breaking Myths: Common Misconceptions about Eye Health



Breaking Myths: Common Misconceptions about Eye Health

Dr. Manisha Kalher

Location: Amethi Branch, Indira Gandhi Eye Hospital

Speciality: Ophthalmology and Vision Myths Debunker

September marks the beginning of a season change in North India. As the landscape of Amethi transforms, with golden hues of early autumn leaves, it's a time to reflect, transform, and debunk some myths, especially those surrounding our precious eyesight.

Why Debunking Eye Myths is Important

There's an old saying that our eyes are the window to our soul. With so much folklore and traditional tales surrounding eye health, it's high time we set the record straight.

Myth 1: Reading in Dim Light Damages Eyes

Fact: While reading in dim light can strain your eyes and cause discomfort, it doesn't cause permanent damage. To avoid fatigue, always opt for well-lit conditions.

Person reading in dim light

Myth 2: Wearing Glasses Weakens Your Eyes

Fact: Glasses help correct vision and don't alter the anatomy of the eye. If your prescription changes over time, it's due to natural processes or conditions, not the spectacles themselves.

Myth 3: Squinting Frequently Damages the Eyes

Fact: Squinting might indicate you need glasses, but the act itself isn’t harmful. It's a temporary way the eyes adapt to see clearer.

Woman squinting to see clearly

Embracing North Indian Wisdom without Myths

In places like Amethi, age-old tales about eyes are passed down to generations. While the wisdom of our ancestors is invaluable, understanding science helps make informed decisions.

  • Chai and Eyes: We often hear that our favourite masala chai benefits the eyes because of the spices. While it's relaxing, a balanced diet impacts eye health more.

  • Kajal for Babies: Many believe applying kajal protects a baby's eyes. It's more cultural than scientific, and modern kajals are safer.


The eyes, like the evolving seasons of North India, have tales and myths. As we cherish the autumn in Amethi, let’s also pledge to be aware and bust the myths that cloud our vision. Consultation and awareness with the Best Eye Hospital In Amethi are the keys to clear sight.

Debunk more myths and understand your eyes better. Book an appointment with Dr. Manisha Kalher at our Amethi Branch.

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